Asus ZenBook Pro Duo's dual screens are great for a cramped desktop - Video

I wouldn’t say that there are ton of cutting edge dual screen or OLED screen laptops, but their numbers are growing slowly.
The 15-inch ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is the first to put them together in the same laptop.
That makes it a potential photo editing power house, and a work horse for cramped spaces, if you don’t mind the wait and don’t need good battery life.
Both displays are touch screens, which is nice.
Asus includes includes some utilities for organizing apps, but I really don’t find them very useful.
But I’ve dedicated keys for swapping screens, locking the keyboard, or turning off the secondary display.
But it’s missing the ability to move just the current window between screens, which I think is critical.
And then there’s a way Well a lot of the Zen books are lightened thin.
This one has more in common with the company’s Republic of Gamers laptops.
It’s 15 inches and weighs five and a half pounds, not an anchor, but not the thin and light devices a lot of people want the other things that keyboard
It’s just not comfortable for working on your lap.
Because the keyboard is moved all the way forward, you really, really need to use the bundled wrist rest in order to type comfortably.
This one’s particularly bad, because there’s a rim on the edge that makes using the keys on the bottom a little annoying.
But it’s great as a desktop replacement, and I love being able to park the Windows performance monitor down below.
It has the guts to be a gaming laptop.
Like an I9-99-80HK and RTX-2060.
And it ships with Nvidia’s game-ready drivers.
But I’ve found that some games just don’t handle the dual-screens gracefully.
The old screen is Pantone-certified.
And the eight-core processor is great for editing in Lightroom.
That application barely hits the discrete CPU, so going with the 2060 instead of the higher powered 2080 is the perfect tradeoff.

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Lori Grunin


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