Five things you need to know about the 2020 Volvo XC90 - Video

The original actually 90 sustained Volvo through some really really lean times and then in 2015 it singlehandedly announced that Volvo was back.
It featured all new dramatic styling, new powertrain technologies, new platforms.
Heck it even had a new owner and now just a few years later Volvo is dramatically overhauled and in much better health.
And now it’s time for a mid cycle refresh on the vehicle that started at all the XC 90.
So for 2020 there are a few tweaks we’re going to take a look at.
Here are five things you need to know.
If it ain’t broke, just tweak it for 2020.
The XE 90 features a number of blink and you’ll miss it visual adjustments.
Including a fresh and concave grill revamped front and rear fishes different we’ll patterns and standard roof rails the new face is slightly fuss here but it’s still handsome.
The interior is is beautifully modern and minimalist as ever with some fresh material options including new woods and upholstery.
The biggest change, an optional 60 cabin affording easier 3rd-row access.
It’s a configuration that American buyers have evidently been clamoring for.
It’s a nice option but it’s annoying that in board armrests have been mixed in favor of a wider pass through, plus the relocated cup holders look a bit tacked on.
Power Train updates are minimal with the XZ 90s all two liter turbo range returning.
Base T5s have 250 horse power, while T6 spec offers 316 ponies thanks to its turbo and super charging.
The plugin hybrid T8 very unseen here get a slightly larger batter for 2020.
It’s now 11.6 kilowatt hours up from 10.4.
However, it’s still too early to tell if the slightly larger battery will improve efficiency ratings for this 400 horsepower 472 pound-feet of torque phev.
The XC90 was already loaded with safety gear but for 2020 there’s even more.
Haptic feedback has been added to pilot assist adaptive cruise with lane centering plus auto break now works with the blind spot system featuring cross traffic alert the single best safety improvement maybe the revised braking system fitted to PHEV models.
Yes hybrid actually nineties occasionally delivered strange nonlinear breaking feel but this new set up seems to work much more predictably.
The 2020 XC90, is being added and cared by Volvo.
The auto makers all in one flat rates subscription plan.
XC90 T6, all wheel drive momentum models will run $800 a month including insurance Turns maintenance and warrany allowance.
In a nutshell, that’s the updated for 2020 Volvo XE 90.
It’s got a new 60 configuration.
It’s got a slightly different look and it’s got more safety tech.
So not a whole lot has changed, but then again, not a whole lot needed too.

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