Jaybird Vista: A sporty AirPods alternative with better sound - Video

This is the Jaybird Vista, one of the best true wireless headphones out there right now, although it is a tad pricy at $180.
Now Jaybird has been making sports headphones for a while and some of them have been very good But its first true wireless headphone, the Run, wasn’t as good as it should have been.
It did have some connectivity issues.
But this model is finally ready for prime time.
First thing you’ll notice is that the case is nice and compact.
It’s also lightweight.
So this is something you could stick in your pocket At the gym, the case charges via USB-C.
And, like a lot of other wireless headphones these days, it does have a quick charge feature.
You charge for five minutes and it gives you an hour of run time.
That should get you through most runs.
Unless of course you’re training for a marathon.
I personally don’t like an ear hook wrapped around the top of my ear, like with the Powerbeats Pro.
This one is designed to look securely in your ear with a hook inside your ear.
These have physical controls and not Not touch controls, but I kind of like that.
I didn’t have any trouble advancing tracks while I was running.
You double tapped to do that.
There are also volume controls, but you have to set those controls in the app.
You You press down on the left here but to take the volume down and you press down on the right here but to take the volume up, there is a setting in the app that allows you to do that.
It’s not unusual for these types of wireless earphones to be sweat resistant or water resistant, but fewer are fully waterproof.
That means you can fully submerge these in water.
Where that might come in handy is if you were running by the ocean and you got hit by a wave or it was a torrential downpour.
Now you can’t use these under water because Bluetooth doesn’t transmit through water.
But it’s just an added level of water resistance.
Since as far as sound quality goes, these do sound quite good.
Maybe not quite as good as some of the higher end new models like the new Sonys or the Sennheiser Momentum to wireless.
So the clip key five, those models do cost a little bit more.
They’re little more dynamic.
Also the power beats throw a little bit more base and this is a little bit fuller headphone, but these do sell quite good.
I did find that it helps to go into the app where there are customizable sound settings.
And that actually improved the sound substantially.
Which is unusual because a lot of times when you use these apps to tweak the sound, it really doesn’t do that much, but with these it actually made a difference.
Most people will think these sound really good.
It is when you’re comparing them to those higher end models But you’ll notice that, say, the Sony has a little bit more openness to it in case definition and slightly more detail.
Tabor did make some design changes on the inside.
These have Bluetooth 5.0 for instance.
And while I did experience some small interference issues here in New York City, Which is notoriously difficult on two wireless headphones.
The overall experience was better with these than with the previous generation model, the Run.
As a headset, these are pretty good.
The only thing I’ll say is that you are in a noisy environment.
like this.
Callers may not hear you as well, especially if there is a siren, or something like that.
However, in quieter environments, they work fine as a head set.
You also can use one ear bud at a time.
If you just want to go mono, you can.
Or you can go stereo for calls.
These are one of the more healing sports headphones out there right now.
However, the only issue I have is that they are a tad pricey.
I would like to see Jaybird drop the price by $30 bring him right in line with the air pods.
And I think they’d sell a lot more of these if they did.

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