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There’s a new USP coming in it’s called USP4, we’re going to tell you the top five things you should know about it.
Let’s go.
Number 5 let’s talk shapes USP4 is the successor to USP 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.
You might also know of USP type C that’s reversible oval shaped connector.
Found on lots of phones and laptops these days.
All USB 3.2 Gen two by two.
Yes, that’s a real name products use the Type C connector.
USB three can also have type A connectors.
That’s the non reversible rectangular connector that is impossible to get right the first time.
USB four is here to the rescue.
This standard requires the type C connector.
No USB for device should have variations on shapes.
USB four ports will be backwards compatible with type C devices to if you want to use older devices with other shaped connectors You’re going to need a dongle.
Number four, naming is supposed to be simpler with USB four.
USB three has several different variations like I previously mentioned.
Look at this chart, USB three point is now named USB three point two Gen one, USB three point one is now called USB three point two Gen two USB 3.2, is called USB 3.2 Gen two by two.
Those different names correspond to different maximum speeds.
That’s super easy to remember, right?
No, not at all it’s confusing and that’s no good.
USB promoter group of CEO Brad Saunders told to Tom’s Hardware, one of the things I’m trying to signal right now Is that we don’t plan to get into a 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 kind of iterative path.
Hopefully, that means USB4 names will be easy to understand for us consumers.
And number 3, USB4 hubs will support multiple USB-C devices in a single hub.
If you get a USB hub now, you should be getting a hub with USB type a port Ethernet and maybe an HDMI in that’s very useful for older devices.
However, if you wanted to have.
That’s multiple USB C devices.
The exception of a power supply, you’re going to have to use one USB C port on your laptop for each USB C device.
USB 4 can handle lots of different data streams, that means you’ll be able to plug in other USB C things, into a single USB 4 hub.
Number two, the speed.
USB 4, tops out at 40 gigabits per second.
That’s double the latest version of USB three.
That number may not sound like anything at first, but let’s talk gigabytes.
That max speed converts to five gigabytes per second.
If a 4k movie.
Movie is 100 gigabytes.
Theoretically, you could move that file in 20 seconds.
That 40 gigabit per second speed also makes it possible for us before to handle multiple external displays or attaching next External graphics card like you could with Thunderbolt.
How about speedy charging?
USB 4 devices must include USB power delivery tech.
That’s the tech that lets your device request higher currents and voltages.
From chargers.
That means you can have much higher charging rates for things like laptops.
That should also mean you can use a single USB 4 charger to safely charge lots of different devices without worry.
And the number one thing to note is that there is no space Between USB and the number 4.
It’s a trademark name.
Okay, that’s not number one but it is true.
The number one thing to know is timing.
The technical specification for USB4 is now completed.
That gives software and hardware engineers the chance to start on making real life products.
So when are we getting super fast, convenient USB4 In a statement full of flowery language and excitement,the USB implemented for him said the second half of 2020 would be suitable expectation.
Let’s ask a ridiculously silly question.
What’s your favorite connector?, Are you a PS to fan of FireWire diehard, A scuzzy buff, let me know in the comments.
Also, if you’ve got ideas for top fives, let us know.
You know I need them.
I’m Iyaz Akhtar see you online.

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