Wyze Plug is the cheapest smart plug yet

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Wyze is known for its affordable smart camera. The company also offers Wyze Sense smart sensors, and just last week we awarded the $8 Wyze Bulb our Editors’ Choice award. On Thursday, the company announced the Wyze Plug, a smart plug that comes in a two pack for just $15 and works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

You can use both assistants to turn the Wyze Plug on or off, or control it from anywhere with the Wyze app. Vacation mode randomly powers your plug on and off to create the illusion of someone being at home, when connected to devices such as lamps, TVs or radios. The Wyze Plug can also set schedules to power devices on or off. 

We tested it at the CNET Smart Home, and the setup was straightforward. If you’ve ever connected a device to your Google Assistant or Alexa accounts before, setting up this plug will be a cinch. If not, it’s still easy enough for first-timers to figure out. The Wyze Plug’s maximum load is 15 amps, it’s ETL-listed for safety and comes with a physical on and off switch on the side of the plug. There’s no USB port on the side for additional charging. 

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Voice commands in our testing worked well, and the plug’s size and design keep it from interfering with other outlets. There was noticeable lag powering devices on with the Wyze app, but your results may vary depending on your Wi-Fi strength. 

If you already own Wyze Sense devices or a Wyze Cam, you can set those to trigger the Wyze Plug to turn on or off when doors open or close or when motion is detected. There aren’t any power monitoring smarts in the Wyze app, but you can see your daily and weekly run times, as well as set up a timer and vacation mode. 

The Wyze Plug is available in a two pack for just $15, by far the cheapest price we’ve seen for a smart plug since the SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug was released at $18 per plug. If you’re looking for simply and quick smarts for your dumb devices, Wyze gives you plenty of value with the Wyze Plug two pack. 

Originally published July 30.
Update, Sept. 12: Adds impressions from hands-on testing.

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