Yamaha's YAS-209 offers the best sound from an Alexa sound bar - Video

One of the latest in home audio you’ve expect Yamaha’s first attempt at the smart sandbar.
That is in this case of speak with Amazon Alexa built in to be pretty special.
And I’m happy to say that it is Yamaha YA is 209 is a sound bar and wireless subwoofer combo which offers excellent sound quality for the money that must choose to be expected.
What elevates a product is its integration of the Alexa voice assistant.
The on-board microphones work well even in trying circumstances.>> Let’s turn a full brust right now and speak in a normal tone and see if it hears me.
The onboard mics help bring on demand music and controlling a smart home to within easy reach.
The speaker offers DT virtual x simulated surround for better immersion.
In movies, and the Yamaha works great in stereo mode for music too, with a punchy exiting sound.
The 209 comes with a large subwoofer which offers articulate base for music and plenty of head room for your favorite action film.
Inputs are well catered for with HDMI in and out optical digital and Bluetooth.
You can connect the sound bar to Wi-Fi for Spotify connect and Alexa support.
The down sides are.
It’s not cheap at $350 but it delivers a lot of performance for the money.
Also, if you’re a fan of multi room music, there’s no music cast or Apple airplay on board.
Amazon’s multi room music support is expected for the future.
So it should work together with other echos, speakers.
With the recent explosion in the number of smart soundbars on the market Yamaha was in danger of being left behind.
But with the YAS 209 showing that it can deliver a smart sound bar that you don’t need to scream at to be heard and that sounds really good too.

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Ty Pendlebury


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